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Entrance for Office of International Engagement uses glass and lots of light to increase visibility and create a welcoming feeling.

Reception makes use of a fully lit ceiling light with white background to create hierarchy and turn the focus of incoming traffic to the reception.

An alternative option to using wood to highlight the reception area was presented. This option uses white Corian veneer.

A kitchenette is added as a common place for people to come prepare food.

Wood is used as highlight color on the walls surrounding the kitchen as an alternative material.

Desks are make of white Corian while case work is made from Douglas Fir.
Conference room

Conference room has a window to hallway to increase tranparency between students and advisors.

[April 2015]

[HDR Internship]

[UNL Office of International Engagement]

HDR-Omaha was designing the new office space for the UNL Office of International Engagement where domestic and international students can meet advisors to discuss various international programs that UNL offers. The new office is located at west wing of Love Library South. Offices, conference room, and reception area are designed. My role in the design team was to generate renderings for design meetings as well as client presentations.